01/12/13 Norman Baker the Cosmic Cheerleader Celebrates YOU





The Cosmic Cheerleader Celebrates YOU


Norman will be bringing people up from the audience to literally scan their bodies like an MRI machine to see if they have any problems, to read compatibilities between boyfriends and girlfriends, he can read animals, he can read family members in other parts of the world, and talk to the dead — just give him a name and he can make the connection and talk to them. We must begin with what we’ve got, exactly where we are. Some may find his presentation “enlightening,” all will find it entertaining as he offers us a new way to begin our year!


Norman Baker calls himself a Cosmic Cheerleader. A former quadriplegic, he healed himself with colors. He is considered the guardian of the Kambucha tea in America. He’s been featured in People Magazine, the Lisa Gibbons Show, the Real Housewives, CNN, Peter Jennings, Maury Povich, as well as other shows all over the world. Norman is a true renaissance man: he’s won academy awards, run and worked with major businesses (his family started payless shoes with one store!), backed newspapers, as well as invested and created futuristic technologies such as flying cars! AND BEST OF ALL: he does all this work for free!!!


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