01/12/13 Ayn Cates Sullivan on Living The Realization




on Living The Realization


Ayn Cates Sullivan is an inspirational author and teacher with a soul centered practice. Her many books include Tracking The Deer, Consider This, Unquenchable Spiritual Fire, The Windhorse: Poems of Illumination and most recently a children’s book, Sparkle &

The Gift, the first book in a series, which was recently awarded an honorable mention at the London Book Festival. The second book in the series, Sparkle & The Light, is due to be published in the spring of 2013.

Ayn Cates Sullivan, MFA, Ph.D. holds degrees in literature from Hollins College, Columbia University and Kings College London, as well as a Masters from the University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology Program. She worked as an editor with Kingfisher Books and for a variety of literary magazines.

Color has held a fascination for Ayn for the past twenty years. She describes going through a series of spiritual initiations over the period of two decades, which led her to work with a series of healers, gurus and master teachers around the world. Many of the teachings are soon to be revealed in her novel Initiation At The Well that will be published in 2013. She often runs workshops on the subject.

After a strong light activation that lasted for three days, Ayn began to work with prayer as a sound therapy for the soul. She has recently published a book of prayer entitled Unquenchable Spiritual Fire. A revised version of this book, which includes the concise formula of prayer by Howard Wills, will be released soon. A chapter can be read on: www.ayncatesullivan.com by clicking “download prayer.” Ayn Cates Sullivan and her husband John Patrick Sullivan were ordained as Minister of the Light by Howard Wills in August of 2012.

John and Ayn have practiced inquiry as a path of conscious loving and awakening for many years. They feel that inquiry can eventually lead to the discovery of our True Nature. They practice fully embodied spirituality and feel that this time calls for the marriage of mystics. They have been feeling that a new spiritual and cultural renaissance is just beginning.

Ayn’s deepest love is to inspire and uplift others so that they may be liberated and live from their True Nature. She lives in Ojai, California with her husband and two children. They can often be seen riding their horses in the Topa Topa Mountains.

Contact Ayn Cates Sullivan via Facebook

Or visit www.ayncatesullivan.com

For children’s books: www.sparkleandthegift.com

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