The universe loves us….

We’re involved in something POWERFUL here…. Something SPECIAL…. Something that we will all look back and THANK GOD we were a part of FROM THE BEGINNING… that WE made it happen — or rather, we ALLOWED it to happen because, let’s face it, IT’S HAPPENING! No matter what we do!

So here’s the big, fat, juicy update you’ve been waiting for:

1) THE SEERS ARE HERE! JANUARY is BOOKED… and we pretty much have March booked as well — with people booked all the way through until december.. WOAH! Some of these people are HEAVY HITTERS (like Mirabai Davies, Mark Whitwell, etc. etc. etc.) — ALL OF THEM ARE EXTRAORDINARY!

2) We have a dedicated space!!! http://thegatewayportal.com/

3) We have documentation! There’s even talks about getting our footage televised and TEDx… ooh la la!!


Now, it just comes down to this


A) BUZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Let’s get the word out to as many people as possible


B) IDEAS — who has some ideas for how to expand this? THROW THEM INTO THE POT!




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