01/12/13 Art Tarbi on Perspectives from the Esoteric Side of Life




on Perspectives from the Esoteric Side of Life  


About how one’s degree of awareness structures the individual’s experience of reality. And what who you think you are can do about it!


Art Tarbi” is a localized expression of the Absolute currently playing the role of the personality known as Art Tarbi. 


That personality is:

·      A Fellow Earthling and traveler along the path of Conscious Expansion to Realization.

·      Further on than some, still learning from those further on than I am.

·      And enjoying learning from all that is presented along the journey.

·      Lifetime Student of Esoteric Science.

 Art is a 

·      Visionary – Healer – Mystic – Sage – Alchemist

·      Born Clairvoyant

·      Energy Healer – have been called “The healer’s Healer” by many over the years.

·      Teacher of those who find they have subtle awareness capability but can’t find the “Owner’s Manual”.

·      Into sharing what I have found of use during lifetimes dedicated to service of the Spirit.

·      Producer of the highest quality Wet Process Ormus available.

·      Founding Member and Teacher at the Institute of Applied Subtle Body Mechanics


About Art:                              

·      He has spent many lifetimes as a healer and student of many esoteric systems throughout the ages.

·      Began searching in earnest for the Truth in early grade school this lifetime. (1st and 2nd          grade, after out of body experiences became routine.)

·      Found the Non-Dual teachings at age 12 after searching basically from birth for a way to re-connect with my path in this incarnation.

·      Lived in India for 5 years from “86 thru ’91.

·      Studied Ayurveda and Non-Dual Kashmir Shaivism and related teachings and technologies.

·      Spent much time with numerous beings established in various states of Realization.


Art’s Message to the World

Never settle for a sub-set of Reality when your very nature – the Very Essence of your Being – is That which has given rise to the totality of this phenomenal, created, transitory universe – including the personality that you currently believe is who you are! That infinite pure potential that gives rise to all possibilities is truly who you have always been. To settle for any less is to suffer the illusion of separation.       

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