01/12/13 Ben Rolnik on Belief, Magick, Alchemy, and Mysticism


Ben Rolnik
Ben Rolnik


Belief, Magick, Alchemy, and Mysticism


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Learn how to wield the immense power of belief — that can cure cancer, cause cancer, attract love, wealth, and joy into your life or attract enmity, poverty, and depression, stretch and expand you or limit and contract you, and define your entire reality as well as every persons’ on the planet — to liberate your SELF from the bondage of your own body and mind as well as the illusions of your socially constructed “reality.” Begin the year learning to utilize this Secret Magick, Alchemy, and Mysticism for the GOOD and enjoy the BEST year of your life. My new years gift to you 🙂


If only this mind and body came with a User’s Manual! Many people can feel stifled and constipated by their minds and their bodies. They struggle behind the veil of their existence wondering: why aren’t things working?! Little do they know that they possess everything they need RIGHT NOW in order to FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD, and BE GOOD — meaning, to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. Unfortunately, these skills aren’t taught to us in school. They’re not taught by our parents. They’re rarely taught by our friends… and at every turn we seem to be getting WORSE at operating our bodies and our minds as opposed to BETTER!

We’ve all experienced the power of beliefs — whether we know about the magic of Placebos or Voodoo death or the Law of Attraction or the Pygmalion in the Classroom. For example, we’ve all had the experience of believing something was going to be TERRIBLE and nearly avoiding it because of it — then experience it and having a ball! Or the experience of watching a scary movie, hearing the wind rustle or the floorboards creek and imagining a hideous demon, killer, or a ghost!

You see, in my experience: there is WHAT HAPPENS and then there is the BELIEF about what happens which determines EVERYTHING. Those who KNOW this power and UNDERSTAND how to WEILD it perform seeming miracles to the rest of us: they remain happy or peaceful despite danger or calamity, they preserver despite resistance, rejection, and pain, they are patient despite progressive disturbances, they maintain radiant health and can seemingly miraculously cure illness, and, most importantly, they live a fulfilled life of their own design… some may even call this power over oneself a liberation of the spirit: enlightenment.

In these 30 minutes, I will systematically deconstruct your whole reality in order to show you how it works and put it back together again in a way that EMPOWERS you to USE IT as opposed to letting it USE YOU. My goal is to challenge you to radically (meaning going to the root) transform your life from one of a spectator/victim (who things are DONE TO) to one of POWER (having the ability to act upon your own volition/will).

We begin with BELIEF… and we move into Magick, Alchemy, and Mysticism. Magick is “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” Magick is not “Evil,” rather, it is DANGEROUS — Meaning that this power can be used for altruistic, positive, & spiritual purposes or for selfish, negative, & vengeful ends. Thus, there is BLACK Magick and WHITE Magick… and Alchemy… and Mysticism….

Make no mistake about it, the technology I’m presenting is POWERFUL, SECRET, and it requires great RESPONSIBILITY. I would not share it with everyone you meet….

Begin the year learning to utilize this Secret Magick, Alchemy, and Mysticism for the GOOD and enjoy the BEST year of your life. My new years gift to you 🙂


Ben Rolnik is LA’s Premier Holistic Healer & Trainer: a certified teacher of yoga, meditation, healing, self-mastery, and learning & memory practices — a systematic trainer for the good life—working holistically by integrating body, mind, and spirit – with over 10 years of experience successfully helping people feel happier, get fitter, and become healthier! Leap Cheerfully! Love Your Fate! And FEEL GOOD NOW! BenRolnik@gmail.com

Visit his website and blog @ http://www.benrolnik.com

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