Seer Series, a magical event over the new moon

” Each of us has about the same destiny, communicating truth to the people, in whatever their specialty is.”
Norman Baker

I heard this over the past weekend at an event called a “Seer Series.”
My boyfriend helped put it on and it was this great little eclectic group of people all speaking their truth in different ways. It was a bit like the seasons, each person carrying a different energy and feel. Some calmer and cooler and some hotter and quicker. Each beautiful in their own way.

As I sat and filmed and photographed I loved watching the people take in the information and react, I liked enjoying my own reactions too.

Ben, my boyfriend spoke about Belief. How we shape our lives based on what we believe, how happiness is an inside job. He actually talked about horses at one point, how there were a group of Doctors who had no people skills whatsoever, they were treating humans like machines, so they made them work with horses, what they saw is they learned how to work with them on a different level of communication. Ben pointed out that horses don’t use their heads in the same way humans do, they can’t pretend or lie, they will use their hearts and do what feelsright (not think), the doctors had to respond to this, by these lessons maybe they could learn to work with people too.
I thought of my time with horses on the New Year, their incredibly healing presence.
He also spoke about Magic and Alchemy, two of my favorite topics.
How alchemy is actually the process of transformation. We do this all the time, we can transform a situation with a smile, with compassion, a random act of kindness, or more importantly our perception.
If we can transform our perception, the way we experience the world, into a more positive one, then we have transformed our lives, but we can’t pretend, it takes a conscious choice to choose happiness, or rather to choose lightness.

“Your beliefs influence your world and all that is around you, so what you think does affect your actions.” He talks about how we are born into the light of the universe, but our first experience with anguish, or awakening, which could be birth then leads to shadow and discomforts, and then we act , in a state, moving from unity to duality, trying to continually get back to unity, thinking by taking action we can get back to unity. It’s the process of understanding that no action is needed, that you already are unity or absolution.
This notion continues to present itself to me, one already being in god form, its just a matter of recognizing it in yourself.

After Ben’s session, my friend Jynette Lewis spoke.
She spoke on the divine feminine and led us into a calming, grounding meditation. Where I felt the left side of my body open up, with a pop of my ear.
But what really stuck out to me was her wish, which went a little something like this:
“My wish for you is that you no longer question your importance, your validity, your worth.
That you no longer seek validation and that you share your gifts.
Share yourself. And no longer try to make everyone agree with you.”
I think our culture among many, is an appeasing culture, we try to make everyone agree and again, we all just need to live out our truths, understanding that other people may not agree, and that is their choice, we don’t need to hold that in against ourselves or them.
She explained that we’re moving into a time where not everything has to be so me and then you (huge space or difference), and not everything has to be the same, but there’s less contrast. More of a blue to a green, and less I’m red and you’re blue, we can all have a deeper level for compassion and understanding for each other.

Lastly she said, “You gotta enjoy this, you can’t take this so seriously. It’s supposed to be fun.”
I could not agree more.
It’s ok to accept everything you feel too, “You’re allowed to not like it. It’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to love sex.”
Accepting everything that shows up for you.

As the night moved on we took a break, I stepped into the cool outside air watching the colors fade and the sun slowly move down.
Art Tarbi spoke next, he is sort of a magician of this supplement called Ormus.

I don’t even know exactly how to talk about it, except that its this magical white almost toothpaste-y looking food you take a taste of that completely opens up things in a new way. I had some from the Shiva sample, which stands for letting go of the old to make room for the new, releasing all that doesn’t serve you anymore.
Seemed about right to me.
Art spoke about awareness. About living innocently in the NOW, but without naiveté. I asked him about this and he described it as being able to recognize the divine, say in a alligator who is existing in front of you, but knowing not to go give it a hug because it will bite your head off, or better yet, to experience the world and yet not to go step in front of a moving car. Innocence, and awareness while still knowing your boundaries.
The idea of “oneness” came up too, a few people we’re chiming in at this point, everyone wanting to share their idea on it and he asked, what is keeping us from this oneness?
Someone said , comfort.
Ahh, yes. It’s more comfortable to be where I am, then to rather step into the unknown, which would ask me to change, to evolve, and yet that could be the thing that would bring you to that oneness. If only we could step into that, allow it.
” What happens when I let whatever rises to arise?”
“Seeing things as they really are.”
I’ve taken two meditation courses on this theory, the word ” Vipassana” meaning to see things as they really are.”
I honestly can’t say if I do see things as they really are, even still, but I guess its subjective. I see them ‘as they really are to me. And Art points out “Realizing that other people choose to see things this way and thats how they choose.”

Stepping away from attachments and aversions and moving into wisdom.
“Wisdom arises when you can see all the problems of the world and just see them.”

And on that note Norman spoke next.

Norman was a sweet man wearing bright pink and green who claimed to have a soul of a 13 year.
His talk involved singing, and color reading, and a whole lot of goofy laughter.
Which felt great, laughter always does.
Norman was actually a paraplegic who was told he would never walk again and then healed himself through color therapy.

One of the first things he said was,

“let go,
let go,
let go.

0 tolerance for anything other then the NOW.”

He told us to keep it simple and then began doing color readings with his pendulum, checking people’s ages and health.
He had told me to bring more red- first chakra into my life, grounding and sexual energy.
He also told me I was also 13, and in 6 months I would progress to the soul of 19 years old.
Everyone enjoyed his energy and contagious happiness.

A few days have past and I’m feeling the bliss of 2013, things started a little slow and has been sort of moving moving since.
I asked for more things to occupy my time and whenever I ask for things i forget they are ALWAYS given. I pulled the tower in my tarot deck followed by temperance.Moving from all things happening at once to more structure, moderation and success. The temperance card always looks like this beautiful alchemist women mixing things together to bring about a new concoction linked to intuition and I’m all about embodying that.

The Seer Series will be a monthly happening for anyone interested in LA.
Pretty magical amazing creatures are bound to talk and share.
I spoke to my friend Dominic last night about doing a crystal bowl session even.
Other worldly stuff.
On that note I am off.
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