Treisa Gary on Where Are We Going!?

Where are we going? A tough question in such times of uncertainty…but she’ll tell you what I know for sure.

Treisa Gary is a Los Angeles native who discovered she was an actor at age 30. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, she’s a former auditor & television production accountant, who now guest stars on all the hit TV shows: Bones, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, to name a few. View for a full list of credits.

Ms. Gary was spiritually led to become a professional actor in 2006 and acquired 30 tv credits & a dozen national commercials in six years. She is one of the most intuitive audition coaches in Hollywood, a published author of “8 Steps To Working Actor” and an overall inspirational muse. Treisa wrote and performed a one-woman show, performs stand up at the Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Union and performs improv shows at The Hothouse. Treisa is spiritually gifted and has a warm, infectious energy that makes everyone feel like they’ve known her forever.

When she’s not on set, Treisa enjoys sharing her experiences with others through inspirational workshops. Her clients take away a renewed sense of confidence & a change in mind-set. They say she’s a tough lover and the insight and inspiration she provides are immeasurable and life-changing.
Treisa humbly believes that acting is a stepping stone to her grander purpose in this life. With the amount of spiritual passion and dedication she puts into the creative process, who knows what she’ll accomplish next.


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Seer Series is a biweekly, ecumenical, conscious community, broadcast live-audience show in LA with music, speakers, performers, and spiritual leaders to empower, educate, entertain, and enlighten. We encourage you to come and share your vision with us and enjoy an afternoon of joy, love, support, and excitement.


The format is 30 minutes per presenter (1) to express their voice to our audience of seers and seekers while (2) promoting their vision in order to (3) create a supportive network to help each person grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and creatively.





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Also stay tuned for our upcoming event Feb 9th on Sacred Love, Relationships, and Communication Mastery with Dr. Pat Allen

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