Hoi’s Chaga Blueberry Ice-Cream!!

Chaga Blueberry Ice Cream
1 pint frozen blueberries (bottom ice base)
3 Tablespoons Tocotrinol (creamer, full spectrum vitamin E)
1 tablespoon cacao
1 tablespoon Sunwarrior vanilla raw vegan protein
1 tablespoon xylitol (xylose is an essential glyconutrient that is anti-microbial and doubles as a sweetener
1 spoon of raw almond butter (gives it ice cream texture when crushing with ice)
10 Wildcrafted Chaga tea ice cubes (top ice)
2 dropper Omica unreconstituted organic stevia (sweetener)

Crush in Vitamix with a plunger until it is a thick ice cream 🙂

I apologize to those that disliked the stevia. I made the recipe that is generally most agreeable and chose a stevia that doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste. I have never had a complaint about unreconstituted stevia from anyone that dislikes stevia before. The most complaint I get at the Tonic Bar is not adding even stevia in regards to making ice cream.

Ice cream strategy to create your own recipe:
-Bottom ice base
-Tocotrinols for creamer
-Any superhero superfood powder you wish.
-Raw nut butter for ice cream texture when mixing with ice.
-Top ice.

It was later found out by me that using tea ice is a guarded trade secret. I intuited it as I got deeper into medicinal ice cream crafting. It’s a great way to sneak your favorite medicinal herbal teas into your ice creams

Now go make healthy medicinal superfood ice creams at home for your loved ones!

Enjoy 🙂






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