SACRED LOVE: Finding Love — and How to Keep It! with Dr. Pat Allen &….

Love is a HUMAN NEED — without it babies die and adults go crazy!

Think to yourself right now: am I in the sort of relationship that I WANT and DESERVE right now?

If the answer is yes: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve either found someone you’re compatible with, have EXTRAORDINARY communication tools, or are selling yourself short — not because the person you’re with is WRONG or anything like that — but because you’re settling for decent communication and a strong connection when you COULD have superb communication and a robust connection!

If the answer is NO: isn’t it time you gave yourself that gift? LOVE is not something that is conditional — it’s not like you get enough A’s on your report card or sign enough checks and all of a sudden someone sends you LOVE in the mail! It’s not like that at all!

Love is there! Love is HERE. Most of us have just forgotten how to access it. We’ve been conditioned by poor role models to behave in ways that foster TERRIBLE relationships…..

and it’s no wonder when divorce rates are higher than the rates of people sticking together!

Folks… something is WRONG with this picture!

Luckily, we here at the Seer Series believe that WE can change this: both in our own lives and by helping to facilitate this change in the lives of others.

We all deserve love.

We all deserve supporting, loving relationships.

Isn’t it about time you got what you deserved?! 

Please help us reach our goal of transforming 50 people’s lives by sending this to your friends who may be interested!

SATURDAY (2/09/13) 2:45-6 pm @ 2511 S. Barrington Ave

The Seer Series Presents:

Sacred Love

Enhancing Communication, Enjoying Love, Building Relationships, Sex, and Marriage

with Dr. Pat AllenEvan Marc Katz, and Special Guests

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