Reflection on Sacred Love: WOAH

First of all… let me say: THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! We filled the room with SUCH lovely energy. Our events just keep gettng BETTER AND BETTER! And I really thank YOU for that!!


(This post is going to be rather short — we’re working on putting together the footage from this event and the last to give to you)


Here’s the quick recap!

Evan 148

1. Evan Marc Katz started us off with wit and humor — teaching us about the DOs and DONTs of Dating! He went through the common mistakes that both men and women make when trying to appear attractive to the opposite sex. He said, that Dale Carnegy’s book: How to Win Friends and Influence People was essentially the FIRST dating book! Ultimately, when we are talking about dating we are talking about influence or how to get people to like us… a VERY important skill because IF WE CAN’T GET ANYONE TO LIKE US: we’re going to be pretty lonely across the whole board!


2. Pashyo Sarkin began with a speech about Sacred Love. She said that if we don’t LOVE OURSELVES — and OUR BODIES — then how can we ever expect to love someone else? With that thought still fresh in our minds, she led us in an energy dance, starting with some awesome breathing exercises which I had never seen before! They were TOTALLY effective! I think the whole room was participating and giggling and feeling the vibes! We then moved into freestyle body movement and African dance — IT WAS SUPER FUN!!! I moved my body in ways I’ve never moved it before. It was a little uncomfortable for me at first… but I AM SO GLAD I JUMPED RIGHT INTO IT! The feelings were electric! We then sat down and did some mindfulness meditation in our body. Afterwards Pashyo played a short clip (I believe of Osho) speaking about God and Love — and how, ultimately, Love is the MOST important thing!! AGREED!


3. John Bernad — Los Angeles and International Based Performance Artist spoke to us about his next “Big Plans”…. I definitely WAS NOT expecting what he said… and I have to wonder — in the presence of this international man of mystery — was he just trying to challenge and warp our minds?!



4. Finally — Pat Allen took us HOME! Again, Pat Allen proved herself as one of the master of masters of relationships. There was a great difference in the reactions of the audience. There were some people who DEEPLY connected to what she was saying, however, Pat is pretty intense! I know I got A LOT of wisdom from her almos 80 years of experience. She is truly a genius. I am always flabbergasted by how CLEAR she is in her approach! I would HIGHLY recommend seeing her show at the Odyssey Theater on Monday Nights — furthermore, if you have any left over questions — PLEASE do not hesitate to ask us!! We are here to serve and support you! Also, if you go to Pat’s Monday Night show you have the ability to ask her those questions there!




PLEASE POST COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE! — or any remaining questions you have!


Please join us 2/23/13 for Healing the Heart!

4 FlyerC2 JPG


If you didn’t get a program, here it is!



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