Seer Series Manifesto



The closing of the Mayan Calendar is the beginning of a new world, a world of love, light, peace, unity and community, etc—not the end of it. This New Year, 2013, gives you and me the choice: do you want to go back to the pain and the suffering of your old ways? Or do you want to experience what it’s like to finally give yourself the gift of a fulfilled life by becoming a leader, not just for those around you but in your very own life—by sharing your love, light and blessing with others who can receive and appreciate you for it?

You can join this community of your dreams — to immerse yourself with the conscious, loving, and supportive family you’ve always wanted but never thought how you would fit.

Imagine a place where, twice a month, you and 3 other leaders —from life-coaches, healers to monks or musicians, etc—gather together as one unifying force to share the exciting secrets to their success: how to immediately live extraordinarily happy, radiantly healthy, superbly successful, and deeply fulfilled lives! Affirming how we can continue empowering ourselves to flourish here and now—while also guiding us on how we can spread this consciousness and enlighten others to this reality and awakening.

There are millions of people in Los Angeles—and billions of people all over the world—and that number is increasing daily. It’s so easy to feel drowned out at times, to feel like you don’t matter, or maybe that you don’t even exist. We grind through the day just trying to make a living therefore, by the end of the day you feel drained, stressed, and tense.

Don’t you want some place to rejuvenate yourself? By joining together, sharing and serving to promote consciousness in our communities, we no longer have to feel alone, separate, and disconnected. We can feel alive again—with purpose. We can learn and grow and share—together—in a way that truly matters in the bigger scheme of things. You can enjoy your divine birth-right of purpose & destiny with like minds.

You can harness your full peak potential. You can love and be loved. You can be respected, accepted, and acknowledged for who you are internally—exactly as you are—without needing to be changed but- be the change.

This is an opportunity and an experience you can’t just download from your iPhone. You can’t just sit behind your computer reading Facebook statuses, hoping that things will get better. You are not here on earth to play small. Your destiny is waiting for you to just reach out and take it. You don’t have to sit and suffer when you can FEEL GOOD NOW!

Since we get what we give in life, this is all going to manifest from your commitment and support. When was the last time you gave yourself such a blessing? The question is: do you choose to honor yourself and all people by becoming a part of this unified celebration?

There is a place for you to co-create this reality—however we’re all called to serve. If your desire is to serve people through food, you can cook for them. If your desire is to serve people through your warm heart, you can greet them at the door. If your desire is to serve people through your skills and your wisdom, you can take the stage. And if your desire is to serve people through your beautiful presence & light, you may bring your energy and celebrate as an enthusiastic participant.

Are you the chosen one to initiate a year of peace, love, and light? The choice is yours. And it is only a drive away.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead.

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