Ben Rolnik

Ben Rolnik

7 years ago I was a long haired hippie in high school shouting at the top of my lungs across campus: YES! LOVE! PEACE! — in the hope of FINALLY building a supportive community where those involved could LEARN and GROW together, evolving TOWARDS their dream-life and ideal self. Now this project has come together — I realize that THIS was what I was looking for: a forum for superheroes like yourself to gather to share their gold and guidance — to join together in Higher Council — and (most importantly) to celebrate LIFE together and IN-JOY! The Mayan calendar has ended and all I can think is…. IT’S 2013 AND IT’S HAPPENING BABY!


Ben Rolnik is LA’s Leader of the Good Life: a certified teacher of yoga, meditation, love, self-mastery, and learning & memory practices — a systematic trainer for the good life—working holistically by integrating body, mind, and spirit – with over 10 years of study and experience successfully helping people feel happier, get fitter, and become healthier! Leap Cheerfully! Love Your Fate! And FEEL GOOD NOW!


Jynnette Lewis

Jynnette Lewis has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis, MO and has been a performance artist for over 20 years, a makeup artist for 15 years, and has been teaching, mentoring, healing, and coaching through it all. She provides Spiritual Life Coaching, Energy Healing, and Beauty Therapy to her clients. She continues to play an active role in sparking a miracle-minded consciousness in those around her in order to pave the way for more expansive ideas of personal and spiritual development, health & wellness, beauty, knowledge, and power. It is her intention to foster a positive paradigm shift in ideas, initiatives, systems, and legacies both individually and internationally….and also to remind humanity that “life is supposed to be fun!”


Deeana Robin


Hannah Jones


Courtney Bird





Are you interested in Co-Creating this vision? Creating a beautiful community of seers: those with a VISION of the TRUTH and a VISION for the future? Are you prepared to step into your power as a PARTICIPANT on this PLANET?

We’ve been looking for a leader like you.

CONTACT anyone on this page

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