What is a seer?

A seer is one who has the ability to disperse and lift their consciousness from their singular position and perspective, and expand and lift it to varying levels and foci: intuitive healers “see” inside the body of another, psychics “see” into the ‘future’, an individual “sees” a greater purpose for their life. All of us have the ability to “see” and, as with all abilities, we can develop strength and accessibility to multi-sensory information with practice.

As the natural ability within to “see” grows and is developed, a peculiar thing happens. The inner prophet emerges. What is the difference between a seer and a prophet? A prophet is a seer who is absolutely compelled to speak and act upon what they “see”. These are the new leaders emerging and speaking now to share their knowledge and success. They have the courage and internal power to boldly express that which is non-physical as being true in the physical, here and now. Their lives become the vehicles of seemingly radical change, shifts in consciousness, and blueprints for new systems and paradigms.

This is an exciting time.

What the Seer Series provides is triple-fold:

1) access to current and emerging seers and prophets

2) communion with other seers

3) an opportunity to acquire ancient wisdom and modern techniques designed specifically to develop and strengthen the inherent “seer” that we are individually and collectively.

Make the commitment this year to put your spiritual unfoldment and expression first. Join the greater conscious community and help to stabilize the immense consciousness/energy shift that the new age of Man has ushered in. We can be this together!


—Jynnette Lewis, Spiritual Life Coach