The tradition of the “Seer” goes all the way back to Homer — the Blind Poet — who, despite his lack of vision, had access to a more profound sight: the good, the true, and the beautiful.

I remember that before the poet Rimbaud left France to become a gun runner in Africa, he had a sudden revelation. He began to walk the streets, experiencing them in a way he could never have anticipated and had never imagined before. Suddenly, the faces of those people he saw each day told a story about their lives, their fears, their loves, their desires. Suddenly, even the grimy waters of the sidewalk sung. It was as if he entered another world… like moving from black and white to color.


Now, it’s interesting that traditionally poets (and specifically mystical poets) have been the bearers of the title “seer:” Homer, Rumi, Haffitz, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr… The symbol of the “blind” seer is especially poignant. For example, Borges, blind like homer, had a vision clearer than most fighter pilots…

The bible says, without a vision people perish… but I suppose that depends on what we mean by “vision”.

There are two elements to being a “seer”.

The first is having a vision. The seer does not merely see what is, they see WHAT COULD BE. This is the first step towards innovation. This is the first step towards greatness: not merely observing what is directly before us but rather bringing CREATING our reality.

We called this the “seer” series because we think that those people involved are not merely taking life for what it is — but rather they are asking how it could be. And asking that in a way that they can answer: making life better for ourselves and all. Raising Consciousness. Experiencing new family and community. Feeling good now.

The second is piercing the veil. There is a veil surrounding all things that covers us from the truth. Piercing the veil is about uncovering what’s really going on. This can be anything from corruption in politics to toxins in food to mastering the self to the secrets of happiness and finding god. The seer is not deterred by darkness. Rather, he or she, can pass through it safely like a fog.

We called this the “seer” series because we think that many people have begun piercing the veil — in the fields of philosophy, self-improvement, consciousness, health and nutrition, communication, and success. And we also know that for however many people there are who have already “pierced the veil” there are just as many–and more–who have been struggling there whole lives under it.

We think people are ready to ease their suffering–ready to experience flow, abundance, and prosperity–LOVE, bliss, and happiness. Just like one flame may light a thousand or a million more — so too those who have already “pierced the veil” and become “seers” can help those people, who have not illuminated this darkness and who wish to “see” as well.


I believe we are all seers: we see injustices occurring around us everyday, we see the hypocrisy of those around us, we see how those in power could just change their ways a little bit to achieve peace… we all see many things. And yet, there are still many things that we may not see: how we can improve our relationships, how we can maintain resilience against stress, how we can live a joyously fulfilled life, how we can maintain more radiant health — etc.

With this series, we’re inviting Seers from all walks of life to come together and share their visions.

What is your vision?