Soul Motion Heals The Heart!



Yukiko Amaya practices, teaches and facilitates embodied spirituality through conscious movement. She is an inspired, dynamic and compassionate leader, who creates and holds a container of possibility and safety, enabling the participants to relax into their true Self. She feels that the path to greater awakening is through a knitting together of our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and energetic bodies, enabling us to widen out from a fixed and static place of fear-based beliefs. Her eclectic teaching style includes her years of training in martial arts, modern dance, shamanism, tantra, yoga, and meditation.


She is a certified Soul Motion™ (conscious movement practice) teacher, yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, and spiritual life coach.


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SOUL MOTION™ class: “ Dancing into Connection”


We all have our fears about how we are perceived, and if we belong. In Soul Motion practice, we’ll turn this around and start to sense the world and ourselves from the inside out, dropping into our heart and belly, listening to and moving from our own stillness and rhythm. Our magnificent bodies are constructed to embody both the vertical line of Consciousness and the horizontal expansion of Relationship. Becoming aware of breath, gravity, and movement of energy, we will slowly spiral our way into connection, expansion, and creation of this movement moment.


No prior dance experience necessary. Come in easy to move clothing.