01/26/13 New Beginnings: Moving into the Best Years of Our Lives

This event is going to be TOTALLY TRANSFORMING for you.

Come with intention — to learn and grow and meet other people you can call FRIENDS.

Below is flyer and information!

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Seer Series is a biweekly, ecumenical, conscious community, broadcast live-audience show in LA with music, speakers, performers, and spiritual leaders to empower, educate, entertain, and enlighten. We encourage you to come and share your vision with us and enjoy an afternoon of joy, love, support, and excitement.

The format is 30 minutes per presenter (1) to express their voice to our audience of seers and seekers while (2) promoting their vision in order to (3) create a supportive network to help each person grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and creatively.

3 – 6 pm


The Gateway Portal

2511 S. Barrington Ave

(310) 479-0430

$10 Donation

For more information, see our Manifesto: Click Here https://seerseries.wordpress.com/about-the-seer-series/

Contact anyone on our team to get involved either as a speaker, organizer, helper, or guest! CLICK HERE https://seerseries.wordpress.com/about-us/

Visit our Blog @ https://seerseries.wordpress.com/

Visit our FB Page @ http://www.facebook.com/SeerSeries

Event on the 26th: New Beginnings — Moving Into The Best Year of Our Lives


Also stay tuned for our upcoming event Feb 9th on Sacred Love, Relationships, and Communication Mastery with Dr. Pat Allen