Dr. Pat Allen

Pat Allen, Ph.D., is a best-selling author, speaker and psychotherapist. She is a communications and relationship expert, presenting practical insights and easy to use tools that can positively impact all of our relationships. Pat was a student of Dr. Abraham Maslow (at the same time as Dr. Wayne Dyer). She was also one of Marianne Williamson’s teachers
“I’ve devoted 39 years to helping men and women learn to express their wants and needs with integrity and honesty, and to recognize and avoid the damaging ploys of intimidation and seduction. Some of the things I teach about male/female relationships have often been called politically incorrect….but they are scientifically accurate. And they work. Join with me in the goal of committing yourself to a lifestyle of love and authentic communication in all your relationships, in your families and careers, in order to strengthen your relationship skills and enhance your self-esteem and success in life.”

Guru Prem Singh Khalsa

Learning to live from the heart is a journey toward a life of devotion. Devotion has its own geometry, symmetry and balance. How we bend and bow, turn and twist, gives form to our devotion. Our bodies become a living prayer devotion in motion.

Guru Prem guides you from the simplest breath exercises to some of the most advanced asanas in our practice.

*Breath & Bones guide the breath and detail the nature of asana
*Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
* Tips for developing and perfecting your own practice

In the walk of life, a spiritual person makes the journey from the head to the heart, from the ego to the soul, from thinking to deep listening, from outside to inside. This is the story of one man s magnificent journey. A gymnast, somatic therapist, author, and Kundalini Yoga posture specialist, Guru Prem tells the story of the body and the spirit, the mind and the heart, through his daily acts of surrender and devotion. This daily practice allows him to not only flourish as a man, a husband, and a father, but also as a peaceful warrior, a yogi and a Sikh.

Susan Allan

 Susan Allen


Living your Mission with the Heartspace© System


Susan Allan is the producer of Evolution Revolution on Santa Barbara television and a Life Coach and communication expert.  As the founder of the non-profit, The Marriage Forum, Inc., Susan offers trainings so that participants learn to self-generate peace within themselves and manifest their life’s purpose. Susan Allan has appeared as a guest expert on hundreds of television and radio news programs, including Fox News and The Montel Williams Show As Susan Allan says, “Peace isn’t going to find us, we must find peace” and it is her mission to offer the tools that are the Steps to Spiritual Success©. Susan Allan is a Certified Mediator of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and has offered trainings to the National Association of Conflict Resolution. Her specialties include Nonviolent Communication SM, Herrmann Brain Dominance ™, and she is a graduate of The Oneness University in India and has studied with  Enlightened Masters during her 57 trips ot India and in the US. Millions have received training through Susan websites:,, and on youtube at susanallan2001 and .  Since 2001, Susan’s trainings have also been widely accessed through her magazine columns, including Ask The Divorce Coach© at, Ask The Love and Relationship Coach at and Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine. Ms. Allan’s 6 Part Conversation©; The 7 Stages of Life©; The Plateaus of Peace©; and Goal-reaching© Skills support all forms of interpersonal communication and cooperation.  Susan is also a bimonthly guest on the Compassionate Connection Show in Santa Barbara.  Ms. Allan  has offered trainings to numerous corporations and groups including Santa Barbara’s Mission Wealth Management, John Daly International, Bloom Yoga, The California Correctional System’s MERIT program, the Pasadena Police Department’s Youth Leadership Program, The Counsel on Drug and Alcohol Abuse’s Fighting Back Mentors Program, and Passages in Malibu.


The Marriage Forum, Inc. Santa Barbara, CA Ph: 805-695-8405; 818-314-1200 A 501 C 3 Corporation 

Jacqueline Suskin

Jay & Joy

Jing Slingers

Evan Marc Katz

Evan 148

Billed as a “personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women,” dating coach Evan Marc Katz has been helping singles find love since 2003. He’s the author of three relationship books, most recently “Why He Disappeared”. He has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall St. Journal, and Glamour, and appeared on CNN, Today, The Early Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and The Rachael Ray Show.

Scores of Evan’s private clients have fallen in love, gotten married, and started families – all with just a few months of coaching. Whether you’re online dating, dating or embarking on a new relationship, once you learn to understand men from a MAN’s point of view, you’re going to be a very powerful woman.



Growing up in Vienna, Austria, Pashyo received a classical dance education. As an adult her focus moved to  African dance and drumming and she established herself as a drum and dance teacher in Berlin, Germany. In 1984 she started to practice the active meditation techniques of the Indian mystic Osho and meditation has been part of her life ever since.

She is currently offers Osho meditation & celebration workshops, performs with her world music band SangomaBeat and runs Magical Drums & Dance courses for children and adults in Los Angeles.





on Living The Realization

Ayn Cates Sullivan is an inspirational author and teacher with a soul centered practice. Her many books include Tracking The Deer, Consider This, Unquenchable Spiritual Fire, The Windhorse: Poems of Illumination and most recently a children’s book, Sparkle & The Gift, the first book in a series, which was recently awarded an honorable mention at the London Book Festival. Ayn Cates Sullivan, MFA, Ph.D. holds degrees in literature from Hollins College, Columbia University and Kings College London, as well as a Masters from the University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology Program. She worked as an editor with Kingfisher Books and for a variety of literary magazines.

Ayn’s deepest love is to inspire and uplift others so that they may be liberated and live from their True Nature. She lives in Ojai, California with her husband and two children. They can often be seen riding their horses in the Topa Topa Mountains.

Contact Ayn Cates Sullivan via Facebook

Or visit

For children’s books:




on Perspectives from the Esoteric Side of Life  

About how one’s degree of awareness structures the individual’s experience of reality. And what who you think you are can do about it!

Art Tarbi” is a localized expression of the Absolute currently playing the role of the personality known as Art Tarbi. 

 That personality is:

·      A Fellow Earthling and traveler along the path of Conscious Expansion to Realization.

·      Further on than some, still learning from those further on than I am.

·      And enjoying learning from all that is presented along the journey.

·      Lifetime Student of Esoteric Science.

Art’s Message to the World

Never settle for a sub-set of Reality when your very nature – the Very Essence of your Being – is That which has given rise to the totality of this phenomenal, created, transitory universe – including the personality that you currently believe is who you are! That infinite pure potential that gives rise to all possibilities is truly who you have always been. To settle for any less is to suffer the illusion of separation.    



The Cosmic Cheerleader Celebrates YOU

Norman will be bringing people up from the audience to literally scan their bodies like an MRI machine to see if they have any problems, to read compatibilities between boyfriends and girlfriends, he can read animals, he can read family members in other parts of the world, and talk to the dead — just give him a name and he can make the connection and talk to them. We must begin with what we’ve got, exactly where we are. Some may find his presentation “enlightening,” all will find it entertaining as he offers us a new way to begin our year!

Norman Baker calls himself a Cosmic Cheerleader. A former quadriplegic, he healed himself with colors. He is considered the guardian of the Kambucha tea in America. He’s been featured in People Magazine, the Lisa Gibbons Show, the Real Housewives, CNN, Peter Jennings, Maury Povich, as well as other shows all over the world. Norman is a true renaissance man: he’s won academy awards, run and worked with major businesses (his family started payless shoes with one store!), backed newspapers, as well as invested and created futuristic technologies such as flying cars! AND BEST OF ALL: he does all this work for free!!!


Ben Rolnik
Ben Rolnik


Belief, Magick, Alchemy, and Mysticism

Learn how to wield the immense power of belief — that can cure cancer, cause cancer, attract love, wealth, and joy into your life or attract enmity, poverty, and depression, stretch and expand you or limit and contract you, and define your entire reality as well as every persons’ on the planet — to liberate your SELF from the bondage of your own body and mind as well as the illusions of your socially constructed “reality.” Begin the year learning to utilize this Secret Magick, Alchemy, and Mysticism for the GOOD and enjoy the BEST year of your life. My new years gift to you 🙂

Ben Rolnik is LA’s Premier Holistic Healer & Trainer: a certified teacher of yoga, meditation, healing, self-mastery, and learning & memory practices — a systematic trainer for the good life—working holistically by integrating body, mind, and spirit – with over 10 years of experience successfully helping people feel happier, get fitter, and become healthier! Leap Cheerfully! Love Your Fate! And FEEL GOOD NOW!


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